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Transcript of interview with political analyst Guzeldere on the Turkish elections of March 30 2014
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ABU-ZEID Karen, Head of the Regional Office of the UN High Commissioner of Refugees

ALOGOSKOUFIS GEORGE, Greek MP, spokesperson for financial issues for the New Democracy republican party, later Minister of Economy

ANDROULAKIS MIMIS, Greek MP and author on his controversial book on Jesus

ARCHIBISHOP OF CYPRUS Demetrios on Greek-Turkish affairs

BEGDZOS Marius, Prof. of Comparative Religion, University of Thessaloniki, on church property

BISTIS Nicholas, deputy minister, currently member of the coalition government ex-third party  

CACOYIANNIS Michalis, film director: the true story of Zorba the Greek

CASSEL Douglas Director of the Human Rights International Center on issues of democracy

DALARAS George, artist-activist in Chicago

DAMATO Anthony, Prof. of International Law, Northwestern University, on Iraq

DIMADIS Nicholas, vice-General Director, Greek Ministry of National Defense on Skopje and the Court of Hague

DOCTORS WITHOUT FRONTIERS interview from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border

DURBIN Richard, Illinois Senator   on violence in politic

EUROPEAN REPERTOTY THEATER, Chicago the Greek tragedy “ATREIDES“controversial performance

FILIAS Vssilis, Prof.of Sociology, Panteion University of Athens on the Greek neo-Nazi organization Golden Dawn

FEUERSTEIN Steven, spokesperson, ΝΟΤ ΙΝ ΜΥ NΑΜE organization on the Jews who disagree

GIALOURIDES Christophoros, Prof. of Foreign Affairs on the US foreign policy 

GRAPIN Jacqueline   Director of European Institute Washington D, on the European Army

GUZELDERE Ekkrem Eddy Turk political analyst on the Erdogan scandal

JERVIS Robert Prof. of Strategic Policy, University of Californi, on Hiroshima  

KALOKAIRINOS Gregory, religion journalist “Kathimerini” newspaper, on the papal visit 

KAMHIS Marius, Director of the European Union Office in Athens, Greece on the Goteborg Convention and the Irish “NO”

KAPOPOULOS George, political analyst, “Kathimerini” newspaper on Balkan affairs

KARTALIS Konstantinos, General Secretary for the Olympic Games on investing in Greece in 2001

KARYGIANNIS Dimitris Canadian MP, on the nuclear base in Akouyou, Turkey

KASSEL Paul, Prof. of Law, University of Utah on death penalty, the McVeigh case   

KATROUGALOS George, constitutionalist and international lawyer Prof. of Public Law Demokritos University of Thrace on the Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn arrests, dictatorship threats and wiretapping by the state,

KERIDES Dimitris, Chair of the Kokkali Foundation for NE Europe Studies on the identity of the Greek War of Independence

KIREKEGAARD Jacob, Senior Research Fellow with Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC

KOUFOUDAKIS JOHN, Prof. Indiana University, on the Annan Plan for Cyprus

KONIDARIS JOHN, Prof. of Ecclesiastic Law, University of Athens, on church-secular issues

KOURVETARIS George, Prof. of Sociology Northern Illinois University, on Greek racism  

KONSTANTINIDES Stefanos, Prof.of Political Science University of Quebec, on Turkish Foreign Policy

LOVERDOS Andreas, Prof. of Constitutional Law, Greek MP, currently opposition party chair on governmental issues

LOIZIDES Neofytos, Prof. University of Canada, on Nationalism and Religion in the Balkan Peninsula

LOIZIDIS Titina successful contester of Cypriots’ property in the occupied part of Cyprus

LYGEROS Stavros, journalist “Kathimerini” newspaper on Turkish dependence

MAGAKIS, George-Alexandros, Prof.of Law, Greek Minister of Justice on the royal property of the ex-king of Greece

MANOUSAKIS Manolis, Greek-American film director

The METROPOLITAN of Zakynthos on church-secular issues

PAPASTATHIS Haralambos, Prof. of Ecclesiastic Law University of Thessaloniki, on church-secular issues

PLASKOVITIS Elias, General Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs

PAPASOTIRIOU Haralambos, Prof. of Foreign Affairs and Strategic Studies, Panteion University of Athens, on current affairs

PLATIAS Athanassios, Prof. of Foreign Relations, Panteion University of Athens, on Sept 11

The Rock & Roll priests: Fr.Nectarios MOULATSIOTIS on contemporary church

SAVVOPOULOS Dionissis, Greek composer-activist performing in Chicago

SKIOTIS Dennis, Professor of History, Harvard University on Cyprus

SHAKOVSKY Jan, Congresswoman Illinois on elderly care issues

SHEIDEGGER Ken, attorney, on death penalty and the McVeigh case

TAN Namik, press officer of the Turkish Embassy, Washington DC

ΤHEOPHILOU Andreas, nuclear scientist, Democritos Nuclear Research Center, on Kosovo  and the case of the Kursk submarine

TRIANTIS Yiannis, journalist “Kathimerini” newspaper ( currently in EPENDYTIS) on current affairs

TSIPRAS Alexis, spokesperson for the SYNASPISMOS opposition party during Anti-Globalization rallies in Genoa 201. Mr. Tsipras is currently the leader of the Greek opposition party SYRIZA

TURLEY Jonathan, Prof.  of Public Interest Law at George Washington University on the Iraq war

WAKER Edward, Chair of the Middle East Institute on Palestine

WORTHINGTON Chris, member of the Berkley City Council, California on pacifist activists

YIANNARAS Christos, philosopher, Prof. Emeritus of Philosophy, Panteion University of Athens, on education issues

YOUDOVIN Ira, press officer for the Jewish Council of Chicago

VALAORITIS Nanos, writer on literature and social issues

VENETIS Evangelos, Head of the Middle East Program in Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on Syria   

VEREMIS Thanos, Prof. Emeritus of Political History University of Athens, on current affairs

VERHEUGEN Guenther ΕU Commissioner for the EU Enlargement on Cyprus

VOZENBERG ELISA, Greek MP, first female party spokesperson for the Avramopoulos party (currently Minister in the Greek coalition government)

 ZIKOU Zeza, financial analyst, on Greek economy

ΖORBA The Greek:  interviews with Zorbas’ descendants in Greece, Serbia, Italy and the USA on the occasion of the yearly celebration of Greek Letters abroad




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